Friday, March 9, 2012


Nothing beats fresh produce!  When I was a kid, living in California, my family would go to the stands that had the freshest produce in the world!  They would literally have just picked it that day!  My favorites were oranges and strawberries!  To this day I still love both, but now I'm kinda picky about what I'll even buy just because the mass produced produce doesn't come close to tasting like the fresh produce I used to get as a child.  Ah….I miss those days:)  With that said, I did purchase a flat of strawberries at Costco last week and I have to say that these berries are very very tasty!   It's a good thing they're so good for you because I eat so many!

Benefits of Strawberries:

*Loaded with antioxidants and detoxifiers which help with preventing eye problems due to aging and arthritis.
*Help fight the growth of cancer  cells.
*Helps with brain function.
*Helps with lowering high blood pressure caused by sodium.
*Help with heart disease and better functioning of the heart.
*Helps prevent birth defects.
*Helps prevent infections and colds.

How To Buy Strawberries:

Strawberries come in many sizes.  Berry size is influenced by the variety, time of picking during the season and their growing conditions.  Sometimes the smaller the berry, the sweeter and tastier it is.  The best berries are dry, firm and fully ripe.  Leaves should be green and very fresh looking.  Careful for a stained box; that could indicate that the berries could be overripe.

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