Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Ways To Loose 5 Pounds Fast!

I've come up with 5 healthy ways to loose 5 pounds fast.  Stick to these 5 steps and you will see a difference in yourself.  You will look and feel so much better and hopefully that will be enough to keep you motivated to continue to follow these simple steps and really change your lifestyle to accommodate reaching your weightless goals.  It's up to you!  You are the only one who can change yourself!  I believe in you!

Make it a great day! :)

1 - Move
Move, as in move your body.  You have to burn more calories than you eat in order to loose any weight.  Go for walk in the morning before work or even drive to work early so you can walk for an extra 15 minutes.  Walk to lunch.  Go for another 10 minute walk after dinner.  Just making time to fit in an extra 10-15 minutes of some kind of physical activity during the day will definitely burn extra calories and help you shed those 5 pounds.

2 - Avoid Processed Food
By avoiding processed food, you are forced to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.  Fresh fruits and veggies have more vitamins and minerals to keep you're body at it's finest, allowing you to yet again loose that unwanted weight.

3 - Fill Up On Water
I can't say enough about how important and healthy it is for you to drink water.  Don't even buy juice or soda!  Water keeps you're body running smoothly, keeps your skin healthy and keeps you feeling satisfied so you don't binge on bad food.  Try keeping a water bottle with you at all times and every time you even think about food, drink some water until it's really time to eat or until you're truly hungry.

4 - Break Up Your Workout
Try breaking up your workout into two different sessions.  Do your cardio in the morning and then your strength training in the middle of the day or at night.  By breaking it up like this you are making it so that you don't have time to just sit around.

5 - Get Up And Go To Bed At The Same Time Everyday...Even On The Weekends
Doing this helps keep you on a good schedule and forces you to be more organized which will then allow you to get in your workouts, feel more accomplished and become much healthier.

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