Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Does A Mother of 4 Under 4 Do It???

You might be thinking to yourself, how in the world does a mother of 4 under 4 find the time to workout.  I ask myself that same question almost everyday!!!  I just had my 4th little munchkin a little over 2 months ago.  It took me a full 2 months to properly and completely heal from my c-section.  Before that, I hadn't done an ounce of any form of exercise since my horse accident on may 18th 2012!  Not even walking!  I guess a few times I did walk my other children to the park which is not even a mile away.  I could count that:)  Anyhow, long story short, my body and endurance is absolutely out of shape and not even close to par! I decided to begin logging my daily eating and workouts (if any) on this blog and see what happens along the way.   I'm mostly doing this for myself so that I continue to "stay motivated" for ME!!!  This is really just going to be a journal of trail and error and we can see what works and what doesn't:)  My plan for now is to mainly focus on what I eat!  I'm going to drastically limit my sugar intake and then go from there.  Baby steps!!

 I have to admit, I took some definite BEFORE pics this morning and was absolutely disgusted!  I want to do something about the way my body looks but honestly don't know when I can fit any form of exercise into my day or night for that matter.  But I can however control what I choose to put into my body for nutrition.  I'm more than open to any comments, questions or suggestions, so feel free to speak your mind and give your best tips and tricks ;)

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