Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Things First

I am not a personal trainer. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a professional athlete. I am not certified in anything. I am just a girl with a few ideas, a few interests, a few goals, and want to share them with you. I want to help those who want my help and will try and respond as quickly as possible to any and all questions you might have.

Make a goal! Your goal can be big or small as long as you MAKE A GOAL! If you have or are stuggling with something, keep pushing forward. Dont be afraid to take that step, don't look back, and don't even think about quiting, failure is not an option.
If you're a beginner and just need motivation then stop what you're doing right now and do 5-10 jumping jacks! GO!!! I'm not messing around! Just 5-10. Still waiting... Great! Don't you feel better? I do! Back to the goal. Your goal may be that you will get up everyday and do 5-10 jumping jacks before you leave your bedside. Maybe it's that you will eat at least 1 vegetable everyday for a week. Or Maybe it's as big as, you're going to train for a marathon. Regardless, the fact is that you have a goal! Now accomplish that goal EVERY single day for 1 week. Don't give up! It's up to YOU and only YOU so MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Take it ONE DAY AT A TIME. Start TODAY!
Thanks and Good Luck!


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  1. When I was a young boy I worked in the beet fields weeding very long rows of beets. The rows were so long I could not see the end of the row and I became very overwhelmed and I could not even start to weed, well I finally started weeding and instead of looking ahead of me, trying to see the end of the row, I looked behind me, I saw how much I had done, before long the row behind me was getting pretty long, I was focused on my accomplishments not on my end result (the end of the row) and before I knew it I could not see the end of the row behind me and I looked ahead of me and to my surprise I was almost at the end of row, the end of my goal. It worked for me.