Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Tips For The Holidays

1 - Eat a Sensible Breakfast. Doing this will help you to not overeat during the day.

2 - Drink Water. Drink a glass of Lemon Water in the morning and then drink a glass every time you "think" you're hungry and before each meal.

3 - Control Your Portions. You can "sample" anything, just make sure to keep it under control. If you fill your plate, take a couple bites then throw your plate away so your not eating just because it's on your plate.

4 - Enjoy Your Food - Really taste the food you're choosing to consume. Make sure you really chew. Let your body process it then take another bite and be done.

5 - Eat Healthy When You're Not At Parties. This should help you to not crave those bad for you foods. The more good clean food you eat the less room there is for the bad.

6 - Don't Keep Leftovers. If you have it in your home or office you'll most likely eat it. If it's not there, then there will be NO temptation.

7 - Split Dinner and Dessert. If you go out to eat then split a meal with someone. It's less expensive and you won't over eat. If you have to order your own, just use self control and only eat half of your meal then have the server come take your plate.

8 - Stay Active. Holidays are the perfect time to get moving with your friends and family. Go look at some lights somewhere and get out and walk. Play football, go ice skating, take your family to your gym and show them the workouts you do. Just try to think of something you can do that will burn calories!

9 - Workout. Make sure you are still working out at least 4-6 days per week.

10 - Sleep. Make sure you're getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night.

Stay Motivated! Do whatever you need to do to stay motivated! Look at pictures of your goal, write it on your fridge, keep your home stocked with healthy whole foods, keep a chart of your workouts. Enjoy your holiday company and remember to treat yourself with some respect!

Happy Holidays!

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