Monday, January 2, 2012

The Detox Program

It's a New Year; it's a New You! I decided to take somewhat of a different approach to the whole weight loss/becoming healthy thing. I have so many people who come to me all the time over and over again and can't seem to stick to a "diet/exercise plan" I've had a while to think about how to approach this new year and came up with The Detox Program. This is a Process!! Know that this will take willpower, determination, perseverance and mostly your time. In the end you will have a a great foundation for yourself to begin any new lifeStyle change you desire. By accomplishing the steps in this program you will be able to do anything you put your Mind to. Step one is to Detox your living environment. Step two is to detox your pantry. Step three is to detox yourself.

The first step is to write out your plan. Everyone's plan will be different. Your plan should consist of everything you need to do in order to get your home in order. I'm talking about throwing out old clothes, old toys, things you haven't used in 2 or more years, cleaning out closets, clean out cars, organizing bills and files, organizing your garage, Organize, Organize, Organize!!! Jot it all down then organize it based on what is easiest to do first. Take little steps. Your list might be long but don't get overwhelmed. This could take some longer than others, but everyday you do just a little then cross it off your list. Trust me, this will be So Rewarding and then you'll have a completely clean slate to work on. The point is to get rid of all your "ToDo's". If you "Do" , then you won't have any things on your "To Do List" lingering over your head or any excused that might keep you from obtaining your ultimate goal and lifestyle changes.

My list looks like this…
Clean and organize All Toys and Books.
Clean out drawers in bathroom.
Clean out cupboards in kitchen and reorganize.
Re-organize laundry room.
Take old clothes to DI.
Finish all laundry.
Go through kids clothes.

Depending on how long your list is, will determine how long this will take you. This week just choose the easiest one's and complete at least one or two every week! Make sure you're giving it an honest effort Everyday! If you need advise on anything, please leave a comment and your email and I will reply.

Here are a few organizing tips to get you started...
If you haven't used it in 2 years or more then give it away or throw it away.
Make sure everything has a "home"
Get rid of Junk and Stuff!!!

Exercise for today is Legs. I'm doing HIIT using 4 different leg exercises.
1- Sumo Squat
2- Deep forward lunge both legs
3- diagonal lunge across body
4- scissor lunge with jump squat

Let's make it a great year!

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