Friday, January 20, 2012

Challenging Week

This week has been extremely challenging leaving me extra exhausted and feeling inadequate as a mother and wife. One of the twins has been sick all week, won't eat, will barely sleep and I can't figure out what is wrong with him:( So sad:( All I've been able to do is fill him with as much pedialite as he will take. It's so hard to stay motivated when life throws you little curve balls now and then but we are hanging in there.

I'm still working on my detox of my living environment. I managed to finally prime our craft room last night and will hopefully be able to paint it this weekend. I wanted to paint it a gray color but already had this neutral khaki color that I figured I'd use so that I wouldn't want to re-paint the other rooms upstairs as well. It's nothing special, just neutral. It's funny when you start a project and then 20 new projects evolve. Just take it one at a time:) Pics to come as soon as it's all painted and organized:)

What keeps you going when life throws you a curve ball? Leave a comment and let me know:) Thanks!

Stay motivated and make it a great day!


  1. Diet coke keeps me going! And some good friends! And shopping! And going out without kids! :)

  2. Join the freaking club! We have had the flu..barfing, dia, crying, no sleep, laundry, disinfecting etc. Its been horrible. I haven't had anything to eat and you can kiss the work out good bye. I've had ZERO energy. I'm hoping to get back to things on Monday. Hope things are better at your house soon. Love ya!

  3. Hi Tiff,
    so sorry to hear you have sick kids. I hope they feel better soon. I have been following your blog and find it inspirational...good work! I think one of my biggest challenges is staying motivated and consistent. I'll have a great week and then a bad week. I think it's just a matter of recharging and finding the power to get back on track. I finally got my blog up and going so check it out. Love ya! Andee

  4. Love the ideas Robin! I'll have to try a few:)

  5. Thanks for your support Andee:) Love ya!