Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stick To Your Goal!

I know it can be hard to stick with a goal. Things come up or you're goal seems out of reach and too hard, so you just give up. Here are a few tricks that will help you to accomplish and reach your goal.

Take baby steps. By taking baby steps you are allowing yourself to really accomplish your goal. When you accomplish a goal, most feel a gratifying sense of personal accomplishment. You then set another small goal, work towards it, reach it, and there you have that great gratifying feeling again. You become all you want to be and more.

Experiment. Figure out what works for you. Everyone is different and functions differently, so analyze yourself and figure out when and what things make you most productive and motivated. Once you've figured those out, make sure you set yourself up for success. For example if your goal is to loose 10 lbs and you stock your pantry with garbage food for the rest of your family but you buy your healthy food thinking you won't give in to those tempting, bad for you foods, your'e setting yourself up for failure. Why not stock your entire pantry with wholesome good for you foods that you and your family can enjoy? There will be no bad for you foods right at your fingertips to temp you and make you feel even worse when you do give in. Eventually when you've established great eating habits those foods won't even be a problem but when your just beginning a new goal of weight loss those foods need to not be present. Use this same example for other goals as well. If you have a goal to read more but don't' sit down and really manage your time well enough to give yourself that opportunity then once again you are setting yourself up for failure. You have to sit down and really go through your time and schedule in reading time for yourself. Even if it means getting up early to do a chore so that you have an hour in the evening or during the day to enjoy reading.

Write down you goals. You have to write down your goals. Tell everyone who you know will push you and keep you going. Make it as public as you can so that you have a stronger desire to stick to and reach your goal.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You should still be enjoying life to it's fullest. If you cheat or something interferes with your schedule that inhibits you from accomplishing your goal for that day, it's okay. Move on. Don't look back. Make the best of the present. Be your best. Be true to yourself.
K- enough cheesiness:) I just want you all to be happy and know that we are all human and make mistakes but jump back up on your horse and ride it out. You can do this!

Here are a few of my goals…
Plan out dinner menus for the month. (I'll share these with you)
Change up my exercise routine so that I feel it more.
Really limit my sugar intake
Make new goals every month and write them down;)

Make it a great day! :)

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