Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are said to have one hundred percent more omega-3 fatty acid than salmon, two to three times the antioxidants found in blueberries, almost half your daily fiber intake, six times more calcium than milk, more magnesium than broccoli, six times more iron than spinach, sixty percent more potassium than a banana, more niacin than corn, rice or soy and each seed is sixteen percent complete vegetable protein.
If that's not a super food then I don't know what is! I'm pretty sure I need to start adding this to my daily protein/veggie shake! :) You can also grind it up and add it to your homemade breads, soups, salad, etc…

ANTIOXIDANT - Chia seeds are said to have three times the antioxidants that blueberries have.

ENDURANCE - Chia seeds provide incredible endurance due to it's blend of protein, essential fats, fiber, complex carbs and antioxidants.

CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - Chia seeds contain an incredibly high percentage of omega-3's(essential fatty acid) which can improve your cardio health.

BLOOD SUGAR - Because of it's unique balanced blend of nutrients, chia seeds can help stabilize blood sugar which helps individuals with hypoglycemia and diabetes.

CRAVINGS - Because of it's high content of soluble fiber, chia seed carbohydrates gets released slowly into the bloodstream.

MENTAL STAMINA - Chia seeds fatty acid content can significantly increase your brain power and brighten your mood.

PROTEIN - Chia seeds contain more high quality protein than wheat, corn rice or oats.

MUSCLES - Chia seeds help to build lean muscles and is ideal for weight loss or weight management.

GLUTEN FREE - Chia seeds are gluten free which is ideal for individuals with food sensitivities.

HYDRATING - Chia seeds contain a high soluble fiber, keeping you hydrated and electrolyte balanced.


Word of caution - In my research, I came across something that said for expecting mothers to not use chia seeds. So if you're expecting I would do more research to make sure it's safe to use.

Make it a great day! :)

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