Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Exercise has so many benefits both physically and mentally. One of the physical benefits of exercise is that it controls weight. Exercise helps one loose extra pounds or helps to maintain one's current weight. The more intense your workout the more calories you burn. If you don't have an hour to use for exercise then just make 10-15 minutes of a more intense workout and you'll get the same results. It has to be super intense though, pushing yourself to your limit in order to really see the results you want. If you only have time to lift weights, then between lifting, run in place for a min or jump rope for a min between each lifting exercise.

Sometimes it's difficult to make time everyday for exercise. Below is a little list of other ways to incorporate it into your day without going to the gym or getting into workout clothes.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator

* Do housework (sweep, mop, vacuum, weed, etc…)

* If you are home with kids, run around with them, lift them up and down, throw a ball with your little one and squat every time you pick up the ball, go for a walk, dance, etc.

* This might sound funny but it works. Work on your posture and flex your stomach throughout the day.

* Throughout the day try do a few sets of pushups and or run in place with high knees for a minute.

Basically find anything throughout the day that will raise your heart rate and allow you to burn a few extra calories.

Ultimately, I would always recommend making time to get at least a little workout in everyday. The benefits are much more than simply controlling one's weight.

Hope this helps!

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