Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journal Entry For May 21st

Ah...I was going to do so well and then was doing okay but then...the chocolate goldfish came out!  They actually don't have a whole lot of sugar but they are not the snack I should be going to!  I did only eat one serving and then stopped but because of that one serving went over the calories I wanted to eat for the day!  I am trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet because I am not doing any form of physical activity so If I don't want to gain weight while injured I figured I will manage my caloric intake the best I can;)  So my day yesterday went like this...And I always drink water or lemon water throughout the day:)  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!  My will power isn't where it need to be right now but I'm trying to strengthen it! Join me in this little journey of mine and let me know how you're doing?  And if you have any fun tips or recipes that work for you, please share:)  Have a great day!

cereal - 300 calories
pretzles and string cheese - 140
cliff builder - 270
kids cliff bar - 100
quinoa salad - 130
1/2 cup berry/green smoothie - 70
grapefruit - 70
goldfish - 200
3 pot stickers - 160
1 small peach - 50

Total colories 1490

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