Saturday, May 26, 2012

Journal Entry For May 25th

For some reason I was so hungry this morning!  I had 2 pieces of toast and eggs which kept me full all morning:)  I felt like a ate pretty good snacks throughout the day and didn't feel hungry at all, I was very satisfied yesterday:)  And I'm pretty sure the shredded chicken salad from Cafe Rio has more calories than that, but that's if you eat the whole thing.  I never eat the tortillas or all the rice and beans, although rice and beans are great for you due to the fact that together they make a complete protein.  If you're looking for a lower calorie meal at Cafe Rio, go for just one shredded chicken taco!  It has less than 200 calories:)

Here's what I ate:
Toast with butter - 320
eggs - 140
crackers with cottage cheese - 220
grapes - 100
saltines - 80
1/2 banana - 40
almonds - 70
1/2 shredded chicken salad from cafe rio.  - about 400

Friday, May 25, 2012

Journal Entry For May 24th

Yesterday was going very well up until my husband came home and wanted all of us to go to his softball game...I hadn't fed anyone dinner and wanted the boys to stay in the stroller the whole time because I can't chase them around right now:(  So...we bought fast food!  I decided to go to taco time because their crisp bean burritos are so easy for our kids to eat by themselves:)  Little did I know just how many calories are in 1 just 1 crisp bean burrito.  My husband would die at the amount of calories he consumed last night.  I'll inform him when he gets home today;)  Let's just say, I'm glad I only ate one!

Here's what I ate:

Greens and whey protein shake - 150
almonds - 160
1/2 tuna sandwich - 150
2 rice cakes with peanut butter and honey - 350
1 large peach - 100
almonds - 160
cliff builder - 270
crisp bean burrito - 427

Total for the day - 1767

On a better note, I came across some leg exercises on pinterest that I might be able to do in another week after the swelling of my knee has gone down, hopefully!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journal Entry For May 23rd

I felt pretty good about today:)  For me, it's so hard to not workout during the day!  Working out for me does so much more than simply build endurance and burn calories.  Working out is so healthy for my mind and mood as well!  Not being able to barely walk is killing me!  Have you ever been injured for a prolonged amount of time?  If so, what did you do to keep yourself sane?

Today my diet went like this:
eggs and veggies - 200
cliff builder - 270
quinoa salad - 230
sweet potato with butter - 200
quinoa salad - 200
toast with jam - 140

Total for the day - 1240

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Journal Entry For May 22nd

Okay so I realized today that when I get super stressed, sugar or bad food really does something for me:(  Unfortunately two seconds later I feel horrible for eating whatever it is that I shouldn't have eaten.  Vicious cycle if you ask me:)  Yesterday was a super hard day for me and I felt like I was doing great but then the evening rolled around and I decided that I needed to make some baked donuts.  What?  I don't even like donuts!  What is going on with me?  Either I'm extremely stressed (totally!)  or my hormones are out of whack and I'm wanting things I never eat.  Either way, I did make them and I did eat some.  They were however the healthy version of a donut and only had 1/2 cup sugar in the whole recipe so I didn't feel too bad.  I think they each only had about 30 -40 calories so I was able to enjoy 4 without feeling too too bad:)  Tomorrow which is really today is going to be a great day!  I've already done very well and feel that it's going to be a successful day! :)  It's okay to fall off track once in a while, just make sure you get right back on track and you'll be fine:)

Here was what I ate yesterday:
Scrambled eggs with veggies (pepper, onion and broccoli) topped with salsa - 150
Toast with butter - 140
small peach and a string cheese - 110
cliff builder bar - 270
goldfish and an apple - 370
potstickers - 150
3 baked donut holes - 100
Total calories for the day - 1290

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journal Entry For May 21st

Ah...I was going to do so well and then was doing okay but then...the chocolate goldfish came out!  They actually don't have a whole lot of sugar but they are not the snack I should be going to!  I did only eat one serving and then stopped but because of that one serving went over the calories I wanted to eat for the day!  I am trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet because I am not doing any form of physical activity so If I don't want to gain weight while injured I figured I will manage my caloric intake the best I can;)  So my day yesterday went like this...And I always drink water or lemon water throughout the day:)  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!  My will power isn't where it need to be right now but I'm trying to strengthen it! Join me in this little journey of mine and let me know how you're doing?  And if you have any fun tips or recipes that work for you, please share:)  Have a great day!

cereal - 300 calories
pretzles and string cheese - 140
cliff builder - 270
kids cliff bar - 100
quinoa salad - 130
1/2 cup berry/green smoothie - 70
grapefruit - 70
goldfish - 200
3 pot stickers - 160
1 small peach - 50

Total colories 1490

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Friday I fell off my horse and hurt my knee and shoulder pretty bad.  This means I will not be able to workout for probably 2 months.  That's a long time and I realize that I need to watch my diet very carefully.  I figured that for the next little while I would do posts that are kind of like journal entries to keep me on track and motivated:)  If you want to follow along and stay motivated with me as far as diet goes, I would love your input and comments!   My first and most important challenge is going to be avoiding sugar.  May the challenge begin!

Friday, May 11, 2012

8 Great Metabolism Boosting Foods

Sometimes you simply need a little jump start to help get you on the right track to your weight loss goals.  Exercise is of course very good and healthy but that alone will not be enough to get you where you want to be.  You have to focus on your diet!  Work on creating healthy meals that you really enjoy!  Play around with different spices and combinations of food and make it fun!  Here is a little list of some great food choices that will aid in boosting your metabolism to give you the jump start you need.

1 - Broth based soup
2 - Apples
3 - Pears
4 - Grapefruit
5 - Broccoli
6 - Lean meat
7 - Oatmeal
8 - Hot peppers

Why these metabolism booting foods work!

Each of these healthy food options, helps to keep you full longer without all the calories.

Water rich fruits and veggies allow you to eat more without going over your calories.

High fiber foods keep your digestive system on track which in turn keeps your insulin levels even and prevents further fat storage.

Lean meat boosts your metabolism and burns calories because of the protein which takes longer to break down in the body.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Want sexy, toned shoulders?  Try these shoulder exercises for 8 weeks and you'll see a difference in your newly sexy sculpted shoulders.

1 - Resistance band internal shoulder rotation

2 - Resistance band external shoulder rotation

3 - Standing military press

4 - Standing one arm shoulder press

5 - Seated Arnold Shoulder Press (my personal favorite!)

6 - Barbell upright row

7 - Lateral dumbbell side raises